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Wearable Computing and the WearPOS (TM)

A WearPOS (TM) is a wearable computer embodiment which has as one of it's primary functions that of a POS (Point of Sale) system. A WearPOS (TM) (wearable Point of Sale system) therefore includes the ability to read the magetic stipes off the back of credit cards, wirelessly processing sales transactions in real time.

The name, WearPOS (TM), was coined by Steve Mann when I explained what I wanted to do with a wearable computer to him. Since Steve is the Assistant Mailroom Clerk of EXISTech Corp., WearPOS (TM) is a trademark of EXISTech Corp. rather than Steve Mann due to the Intellectual Property policies of EXISTech Corp.

The ability to process payments by accepting credit cards is very usefull to a Corporatized (TM) individual enjoying Self Ownership (TM). With a WearPOS (TM), the corporate body is able to reduce financial leakage. By simply having representatives of client organizations swipe a company credit card through the magnetic reader at the time services are rendered, members of alien organizations can be prevented from the theft of services they were previously able to get away with.

Equiped with a WearPOS (TM), one could, for example, require that representitives of the IRS swipe a credit card to purchase ten minutes of the wearer's valuable time before agreeing to speak to them. The wearer could require that highwaymen (ie. traffic cops) swipe a credit card to purchase a copy of the wearer's signature before agreeing to sign a traffic citation. The wearer could also require these highwaymen to swipe a credit card to pay for the service of retransmitting their radar signal off the wearer's vehicle. Since these highwaymen would have already obtained this service, their refusal to do so would, of course, constitute theft of services, a criminal act forcing the wearer to put their corporate tax dollars to work by involving the police in the matter. :-)

Applications of this nature are virtually limitless and there is a myriad of case law to support the right of corporations to charge for legal services provided and no individual or organization has the right to abscond with offered services for free (ie. to steal them). If an individual or organization does not want to pay for legally offered services, they may simply choose not to become a customer (ie. a consumer of those services). Consumption without payment is illegal and enforcable by law.

WearPOS 2

WearPOS 2 is my current system.

WearPOS 1

WearPOS 1 is my previous system.

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